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P36840 – R’PROOF® Air-sealed drywall box Ø68, depth 40 mm

Single R’PROOF® air-sealed drywall box for drywall and other hollow partitions.
Housings equipped with very flexible membranes but also very resistant, allowing a perfect airtightness of the housing and an excellent resistance to tearing of the conduit. Large concave shape collar ensures perfect finish on the partition.

See example above of mounting on a drywall

Resistance to incandescent wire 960°C
Without halogen

Technical caracteristics


RAL 5012 - Bleu


68 mm


40 mm

Information produit

Captive metal foot Entries 2x20/16 2x25/20 Complete range of airtight boxes and plugs equipped with flexible membranes to insulate the passage of pipes, cables or wires. Allows the reduction of heat losses and improves the acoustics of dwellings, within the framework of the RT 2015 regulations and the BBC-EFFINERGIE labels, which have for objective the air permeability of housing (less than 0.6 m3 / m2 / hour for a pavilion and less than 1m3 / m2 / hour in collective)


100 (10x10)


RT 2015 - Test report CSTB n°CPE AT 13-038-V1

Technical documentation

    FTP2019012ind3 P36840 R’PROOF® Box Ø68 PROF40
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