À propos de nous

sibSIB, a French company, was founded in 1922 at Boulay-Moselle and has 115 employees. One of the first product lines was bakelite terminals for street lighting.

Over the years, SIB evolved, and in 2011 became part of the Schlemmer Group, a German company focused on the automotive market.

In July 2019, SIB became Solutions Industry & Building and regained its autonomy under the aegis of the French investment fund Galiena Capital. “Objective: free up our energies to focus on our core competencies and our customers”, said Gilles Lherbier, the chairman of this new entity.

SIB designs, manufactures and sells products and accessories in brass, stainless steel and plastic for the electrical, railway, shipping and mining industries and ATEX-certified products for hazardous environments (oil and gas, petrochemicals, etc.), as well as a full range for the building sector.

With a turnover of 23 M€ in 2019, SIB works with about 900 customers in France.

In the export market, SIB has a long-standing network of partners well established in their respective countries and counts over 2000 customers worldwide (Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, USA, etc.).

Our objective: work together to serve our customers with continuous improvement in our quality, our customer service, our productivity and management of our resources.

SIB est certifié ISO 9001.


Structure d’entreprise

SIB Industry & Building Parts – Boulay

  • founded in 1922 at Boulay-Moselle (France)
  • Since 2019, a private company
  • 115 employees

L’un des principaux fabricants de :


Systèmes de Connection (Presse-étoupes)

  • Presse-étoupes PLASTIQUE + Accessoires
  • Presse-étoupes LAITON + Accessoires
  • Presse- étoupes INOX + Accessoires
  • Presse-étoupes ATEX + Accessoires
  • Raccords en laiton pour conduits
  • Presse-étoupes CEM

Système de protection :

  • Gaines

Produits Bâtiment

  • Mur banché et coulage
  • Gamme dalle, pré-dalle, hourdis
  • Bornes de connexion
  • Boîtes de cloisons sèches
  • Boîtiers et gammes BBC
  • Coffrets et Goulotte GTL
  • Gamme à sceller et dérivation
  • Accessoires, gamme de terre